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I’m more than impressed with the amount of fabulous things I came across on the site and I’m so excited to receive my beautiful product I purchased. I definitely will be keeping up with new arrivals frequently. You have a beautiful selection of posh finds at an amazing price in phenomenal condition!

Sophia G, in Beaverton, Oregon USA

They were thoughtful in making sure I received my order in time for my mom's birthday. Sara took great care of me and my order. I would definately shop at vindia again.

Thank you grow salon

Yuliana M, in Nottingham UK

Hello My first order arrived today in perfect condition.  From the time I sent a question about the item to making the purchase, to the shipping and now the delivery, your company, growsalon has stayed in touch.  Such great service.  I look forward to shopping on your site in the future and would highly recommend it. (:

Michelle Kapp, US